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Thermoskin® FXT Compression Socks, White, XS, 2 Socks/Pair


Designed with targeted compression zones to aid in the pain management and relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and arch pain. Ideal for sports or those on their feet all day. All THERMOSKIN® products are designed and manufactured with high quality, durable materials specifically chosen to suit conditions, which ensures all product benefits listed are achieved. We encourage customers to look closely before purchasing cheaper imitations which may have similar claims to genuine THERMOSKIN® products, but are often made from inferior materials, as they will often cause more harm than good.

  • Firm compression zone targeted at the Achilles tendon for support and comfort
  • Firm upward compression zone targeted at the plantar fascia attachment to unload stress
  • Comfort foot pad at ball of foot
  • Moderate to firm compression band around foot arch for additional support
  • Moisture wicking, anti-bacterial silver microbial fibers in toes and heel for comfort


Orthozone, Inc.

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