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Introducing the World's First Video Laryngeal Mask System with Adjustable View Angle

DDP Medical Now Offering SafeLM™

SafeLM makes the insertion procedure of laryngeal masks more visualized, guiding the operator to insert the LMA with accuracy and efficiency. This innovative new device also helps to reduce stimulus to the epiglottis, larynx, and other surrounding structures while preventing foreign bodies from entering the airway.

The system is proven to provide a higher level of safety and performance in airway management, while improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost and risk of intubating patients who may not require intubation.

SafeLM™ Video Laryngeal Mask System Operation Demo

SafeLM™ FAQs

1: What Is a Laryngeal Mask Airway?

Laryngeal mask airway is a supraglottic airway management device, alternative to face mask and endotracheal tube. When positioned above glottis and inflated, the cuff of laryngeal mask airway forms a secure seal around the larynx, allowing spontaneous or positive pressure ventilation. Laryngeal mask airway is widely used in airway management of various clinical situation, including common surgery, difficult airway, emergency, and critical patient.

Compared with conventional tracheal tube intubation, benefits of laryngeal mask airway include reduction of glottis and airway damage, easier placement, less effect on hemodynamics, more comfort to patient, faster post-surgery recovery and less complications. Laryngeal mask is gaining more appreciation in clinical application.

2: What Issues In Laryngeal Mask Clinical Application Does SafeLM Address?

  • Blind insertion of laryngeal mask may cause damage to epiglottis, arytenoid cartilage or other laryngeal structures.
  • Malposition of laryngeal mask airway may cause airway leakage, higher ventilation pressure, or cuff position shifting during surgery.
  • Unable to observe laryngeal secretion within the cuff of laryngeal mask.
  • Insertion success rate and ventilation outcome still need improvement among junior doctors.

3: What Are The Benefits of SafeLM Video Laryngeal Mask System?

  • Placement procedure of laryngeal mask become visualized, guiding operator to insert LMA with accuracy and efficiency. Helps to reduce stimulus to epiglottis, larynx, and other surrounding tissue, and prevent foreign body entering airway.
  • Adjustable viewing angle of SafeLM™ offers a larger observation range and ability to bypass the view obstacle caused by epiglottis or other laryngeal tissue. It also helps to confirm the secure positioning of laryngeal mask, greatly reduce the risk of airway leakage and obstruction.
  • Observe secretion congregation within the cuff of laryngeal mask, reducing risk of aspiration.
  • Ability to intubate through SafeLM™ during surgery when necessary.
  • In case of emergency or difficult to intubate, SafeLM™ can be inserted to keep the patient oxygenated, then intubated under visualization.
  • Automatically record video and stream to PC wirelessly for teaching purpose.

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