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Nov 30th 2020

DDP Medical Supply launches new website!

DDP Medical Supply (DDP) wholesale offers wholesale medical supplies and equipment, sales and distribution in a reliable and timely fashion to durable medical equipment companies (DME), pharmaceutical retailers, physician offices and surgical centers. DDP is proud to announce the release of their updated website that reflects the company’s offerings of solutions to customer pain points, logistical excellence and upholding the highest order of integrity.

As a fully licensed and VAWD-accredited fulfillment center, DDP has long-standing relationships with branded supply and pharmaceutical manufacturers. DDP equipment wholesale has been partnering with the medical community within the USA for over 20 years. Areas of expertise include wholesale diabetic supplies and wholesale CGM as well as being a medical surgical supplier, urology supplier and wound care supplier.

Please visit us at www.ddpmedical.com.

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