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Hibiclens® Surgical Antiseptic Solution, 1 gallon


Clinicians around the world are under constant pressure to reduce hospital acquired infections (HAI). Infection rates are falling, yet one in 25 hospital patients still acquires a HAI. Daily patient bathing can help you protect more of your patients. Did you know Hibiclens® has been trusted by healthcare professionals just like you for more than 40 years, Its efficacy and safety is proven. This anti-septic skin cleanser provides effective defense against the spread of infections in your facilities. The active ingredient, chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG), begins to kill germs on contact. It bonds with the skin and keeps on killing microorganisms, even after washing. Clinical studies show that a 4% CHG solution such as Hibiclens can help reduce facility infection rates, resulting in a significant economic gain.

  • Reduced C. difficile infections by 70%


Molnlycke Health Care Us, Llc

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