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Cold Pac X-Tra Durable Packs Oversized, Black Polyurethane


Sammons Preston® cold pacs are constructed with highly durable polyurethane material that allows for it to have a longer shelf life and also helps it resist bursting. Unlike normal ice packs that can burst after a few uses, these cold packs can be used hundreds of times while still holding their temperature (for up to 30 min). The polyurethane material also permits the cold pack to be flexible, letting you conform it to your body. Sammons Preston® cold pacs - black polyurethane X-Tra durable packs will stay cold for up to 30 min for constant cooling relief for your sore muscles, injuries and surgeries. Inside every pack is a high-grade gel which does not fully freeze, allowing for the pack to stay pliable so it can conform to your body. Place the pack in a freezer for only a couple of hours and it is ready to use.

  • Remains cold for up to 30 min, delivering constant cooling relief to your sore muscles, injuries and surgeries
  • Constructed with extra durable polyurethane material that features a wipe clean surface for sanitation purposes and shared use
  • Even when frozen, the pack remains flexible to allow for complete contact to the desired area for maximum effect


Patterson Medical

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