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Cleo® 90 Infusion Set, 9mm Cannula Length, 24" Tubing Length


Cleo® 90 Infusion Set, Straight Needle, 9 mm Needle Length, 24 in Tube Length, Sterile

  • The enclosed needle retracts automatically into the housing after insertion, reducing the risk of accidental needle stick injuries
  • Its unique patented housing includes both an introducer and a cannula
  • The pre-assembled Cleo® 90 infusion set makes insertions simple and allows you to control the speed of insertion
  • The Cleo® 90 infusion set is a system with its own needle protection device
  • After insertion of the cannula, the needle retracts automatically into its housing in order to reduce the risk of needle stick incidents
  • The small, transparent adhesive dressing breathes yet keeps water out - and stays in place with less tape
  • Its patented release tab makes removal easy, too
  • Ability to rotate the connection of the tubing 360 deg, which offers you even more freedom and flexibility
  • The Flex Attach™ 360 deg site connection provides on-site rotation offering greater flexibility


Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.

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