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Adult Wipes, 13" x 9", 64 Washcloths/Tub


Pro Advantage® Adult Wipes are ultra-soft premium spunlace cleansing washcloths in low-profile, easy-to-store tubs or soft packs. Low-profile tub easily fits in most drawers and resealable lids preserve moisture in the packs. Wipes are pre-moistened with a hypoallergenic, alcohol-free formula with lanolin and aloe. This formula softens skin without a need for rinse and towels and prevents skin from drying out.


The generously sized 9” x 13” premium spunlace material is softer on the skin, less bulky and more cloth-like than other materials allowing for more thorough cleansing, particularly between skin folds, with less chance of tearing.



·         Soft, yet durable spunlace material feels softer on skin with less chance of tearing

·         Lanolin and aloe soften the skin

·         No-rinse formula eliminates need for rinse and towels

·         Alcohol-free formula prevents drying of skin

·         Low-profile tub fits easily in most drawers

·         Resealable lids preserve moisture

·         9” x 13” size

·         Trilingual labels in English, Spanish, and French


Pro Advantage

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