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VivaGuard™ Lancing Device


Our lancing device, used with our lancets, work together to collect a blood sample for diabetes testing or other blood collection purposes. The lancing device can be set to the penetration depth you desire while holding the Lancet securely. Our lancing device can be used universally with almost all brands of standard Lancets to collect blood samples used for all other blood glucose monitoring systems.

  • Lancing device with 5 depth settings offers maximum comfort through selecting a proper penetration depth
  • Easy to carry with a secure grip body design for safety
  • Smooth gliding mechanism offers reliability and simplicity
  • Unique design and easy-to-use, featuring a lancet ejector that easily disposes of the used lancet, hands-free, to prevent accidents and for better safety
  • Convenient storage with 5 years shelf life

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Able Diagnostics, Inc.

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EACH, 400/cs

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