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VivaGuard Infrared Forehead Thermometer


Accurate and Quick

·         Advanced infrared technology with a unique Chromed Arched Reflector provides highly accurate and quick measurements in 1 second

·         Features wide body temperature measuring range between 93.2°F – 109.4°F

·         Offers reliable results in a wide environmental temperature range at 50.0°F – 104.0°F


No Touch and Safer Measurements

·         Hold the Non-contact thermometer 0.4 – 2 inches away from the center of forehead to obtain measurement

·         No measuring sensor cover is needed

·         Minimizes the risk of spread of disease and cross-contamination

·         Eliminates the need for cleaning between each person


Easy to Use

·         Easy to read digital LCD display includes 3 backlight colors and features Red High Fever Alert above 101.3°F

·         User-friendly design offers comfortable grip

·         Storage for up to 50 measurement memories

·         Switchable between °F/°C and beep/silent options

·         2 AAA batteries included


Able Diagnostics, Inc.

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