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Feb 17th 2021

February National Heart Month - Tips to help start the conversation

2021 is in full swing and our health focus continues to be on COVID-19. As we all know, our everyday health still needs attention! February is National Heart Month, and while you can show your support by wearing red or donating to the  American Heart Association, what other productive ways can you help your staff and patients focus on heart health?

A few tips can help you start the conversation:

Take up a heart-healthy habit! Encouraging exercise, healthy eating and weight management all benefit our hearts. Take a peek at American Heart Association’s focused page:  https://www.heart.org/en/healthy-living.

Provide education – The American Heart Association, among other organizations, has a number of patient education resources available at a national and local level.

Get your cholesterol tested – We can help you out here. DDP Medical Supply offers a range of testing products to help ensure your cholesterol testing regimen is current and effective.

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