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BD Microtainer® Contact-Activated Lancet, 1.5mm x 2.0 mm, Blue


BD Microtainer® Contact Activated Lancet, 2 mm, Depth Settings: 1.5 mm, Activation Method: Pushbutton, Blade Incision, High Flow, Area of Applications: Fingertip, Blue, Retractable Safety, Disposable, Sterile

  • Ergonomic design - the lancet enhances user comfort with an ergonomic design for a more comfortable grip
  • Easier sampling - it activates only when positioned and pressed against the skin, facilitating a consistent puncture depth for easier sampling
  • Improved visibility - the lancet covers only a small area at the contact point, which improves the visibility of the desired puncture site
  • Intuitive procedure reduces training time and the design prevents product reuse, reducing the possibility of patient, clinician and/or sample contamination
  • Provides greater confidence while handling the product
  • Minimizes slippage that may occur during product activation
  • Facilitates a consistent puncture depth for easier sampling
  • Provides greater accuracy of lancet positioning when performing the puncture
  • One-step activation promotes safety with fast, precise and consistent punctures
  • Automatic retraction of lancet into device minimizes the possibility of injury


Becton Dickinson

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